One of the things in my life I had wanted to be clear with was purpose, I knew purpose was doing/fulfilling what one was created for, but the issue was,what is my own purpose ?

For me when i was younger I just wanted to grow up, get rich, sha get married, have children, get old and die, At least I wanted to fulfil the circle of life. . . . . . But I could just not stop asking “WHY’’

Why on earth am I here? Why was I born to a certain family? Why are some poor and some rich? Nmm. . . Me and Questions eh. . But funny enough I did not get answer to any of them,because first of all i didn’t know who i was even asking, myself?how was i suppose to know? (in my own word:🙄😏 how i go take know?)

You know those questions you want to ask, but you don’t know who can give you the true/right answers to them, so because of that you won’t want to ask just anybody, so you keep it to yourself and try to give it an answer that you think suits .

purpose 18

So I went to God in prayers at this point I just taught the best answer I can get would be from the one who created me, right?. I prayed and prayed but I just wasn’t getting the answer to my questions, I now started wondering if I wasn’t asking the right questions. After a while I started reading God’s Word and relating stories in the bible to myself.

Yeah…, if that is your next question, I obviously continued reading, but this time from a different perspective, I started listening more and one of the things I got to realize was that every story is linked to a purpose. If you are thinking how(?) as I did at first, check out the life of Joseph. (Gen 37-50), His story took him one step at a time to fulfilling his purpose.

Getting the answer to my questions in one word was a boom. . .”PURPOSE”. Now that I know it all link to my purpose of life, “so then what is my purpose”? Ah . . . When I taught my questions have ended. Sigh. . .

Just as mine is linked to my story, so is yours. We all have different unique purpose, mine is obviously different from yours but one thing they have in common is that it must fulfil the will of He who created us all (God). Wondering what his will is? It is for all to be saved.

purpose 14

I LOVE THIS ILLUSTRATION. So basically every movie is meant to pass a particular message/idea, the script is written and people are casted for different roles.


So what is your role in this movie of life? Finding this role is finding your purpose. So now whether you have found that purpose or you are still yet to find it, one thing that should be in our mind, is the whole idea behind that purpose, WHICH IS

his will

Whether you find yourself in a Rich or poor home it just the settings of your role to play. So stop complaining and take up your role and start acting.

So Now I am more convinced that every story is linked to a purpose,aren’t you?for me you know why? Because everyone of us has a story.Are you fulfilling yours? Even as a banker, an accountant, a lawyer, an artist,model, a writer etc. Let your uniqueness define your purpose.

For me,Purpose is the reason I exist. . .Purpose is what I was created to fulfil . . . Purpose is what keeps me going. . . Purpose is my very essence of living. Purpose is what I represent. . .


So most times when I face challenges and am down, one thing that keeps me up and smiling is remembering that I am special and uniquely defined by my purpose.

I am not where I want to be yet but am definitely not where I was before because purpose draws me furthermore . . . and until I get there, I will never give up.



7 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Wow this is a mystery oo
    A story that links to your purpose
    I will set my mind towards knowing mine
    Thanks for the inspiration


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