I Call It “a time to Gist With Our Father”.

One of the greatest things we have, is the ability to pray.Prayer is a communion between us and God.Prayers bring the will of God to pass on earth.God needs us in his presence everyday .This gives us the ability to focus and give our attention totally to Him.

Prayer is not just a time to tell God what we want from him,it is also a time to reverence Him,tell him how grateful we are,how we love Him,how we so depend on Him and how merciful He is. Let always be free with God,by pouring out our hearts to Him.Prayers gives us the opportunity to influence God to move in our lives.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”proverbs 9;10 .the fear of the Lord as most of us think is not being timid or scared of God, it is simply obeying His word and keeping His commandment and this is Wisdom.So we can’t be scared of talking to our father.

There is nothing too small or too big to talk to God about.I use to say “oh,i don’t have to pray about this cos it is way to irrelevant or too small”. But recently I have learned to pray  about everything. It amazing how those little things in my life as i used to call them turned out so differently.So basically there is nothing in our lives that is too small or too big to talk to our father about.Just take it to him in prayers.

when we pray about a particular thing in our life,we are bringing God into the picture.let never give up in praying,He hears us and at the right time,everything will work out together  for our good.



pr4  AMEN.


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