In pursuit of doing what I do WELL. . .
Excellence is doing what you do well. To be excellence is to be the best among the best. Excellence is not a destination.ex It is a state of mind, a life style. It is the ability to do ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way.

To Be excellent is a constant mind set. Never to go below what you are worth. to be able to stand out, what we do must be done extra-ordinarily well.  A product or a service does  not just  become the best overnight. It is the constant effort put in it. Excellence is not just being good at what you do. It is being the best at what you are good at doing.

Making excellence a habit is essential.                                                                                             A habit is something that is hard to give up. It is something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way. Let that thing be excellence. So let not your excellence be an act but a habit

Let it not be a skill but an attitude.           ex5                   A skill is a talent that a person possesses. Attitude is the way a person is determined to use his/her skills to complete the works. so let your excellence be a constant determination to be better with your skills.

A continuous process not an accident.                                                                                       Excellence should be a norm not something that happens unaware. Not a, ‘oh it came out well today”. But a, “it always comes out well”.

Excellence is a gradual process. You might not start being too good at it but you can strive to be excellence at it. Continue to  learn and practice what you do.ex6 Trying to do everything at ones is not a good start. For me it was a major issue until I decided on the particular thing i wanted to do at a particular time. That, gave me more space and focus. Don’t be carried away with trying to do so many things at a go. Find that which you want to do and just keep learning and practicing it. For it is better to be good at one thing than not to be good at so many things.


Every day I strive to become better in whatever i do. Not just by praying it but also by pursuing itex7





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