My mind is full of so many issues. I know he speaks but i just can’t hear. I try to listen but my mind wonders around. Even when I think I hear my mind sucks it in and I become empty. Is my conscience that seared that I can’t hear anymore?


I desire to learn but who do I listen to?

The world is full of words.

If I listen to the world, I drown with the world.Image result for listen

I listen to my heart when the world speaks.

My heart is full of  words of He who created the world.



With a low voice he speaks.

With a calm heart he is loud.

Only if you just listen!

Stop doubting!

Just listen!Image result for listen

Yes, he is the one speaking!

Stop wondering.

Start listening.



Dare to really, really listen.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to understand.

Listen to learn.

Listen to hear.

Be quiet to listen.Image result for keep quiet